An easy technique to reduce any number to a single digit sum

Any number (say 3456) to be equated to a single digit sum, we just add all the digits together (3+4+5+6 = 18) until they become a single digit (1+8=9). i.e. less than 10

This article explains a shortcut method to find the single sum for any number through a simple…

An article about my observation on unnecessary mindfulness

Firstly we have to accept the fact that we are capable of thinking only about those that we already know (which resides in our memory).

Our memory is a limited resource.

The worst part about our mind is that it doesn’t fetch all the records that exists in our memory…

Sun rays fall on this portion of the planet Earth — we call it a day.

For a corporate worker, its a second day of the week.

For a saloonist, its a holiday.

For the pupils, its 8 days to start schooling again.

For the unemployed, its just another day of hope.

For the depressed, its one more day to worry.

For all other creations, its just a day; just following the rule to grow, age, transform, pass on, decompose and grow back again.

This article explains how the modern day applications that uses a mobile phone number for registration, will eventually turn into a privacy concern later on.

Nowadays most applications, be it a website or mobile based, uses phone numbers as their only means to register a user into their system. By doing so, the process of registration becomes much easier and even the authenticity of the user is taken care of, because any fraudulent user will…

This post is valid as of March 2020


When using GitHub Pages from a different repository (than the parent repository), then by changing the base href to the current directory solves the issue.

<base href="./">

Earlier my code used to be <base href="/">

Do let me know if my article needs correction / improvement. TIA.

Valid: This post is valid as of March 2020.

Scope: This article only covers the GitHub pages created through repository. This article doesn’t contain instructions for Custom Domain GitHub Pages or GitHub Pages with Jekyll.

GitHub pages works straight away when you place a valid “index.html” file in a…

Feasibility study — Stripe subscription with checkout


Let us try to achieve a specific billing module using the below documentation as reference:

Stripe has two modes — Test Data and Live Data. This post will contain instructions for both modes in general, unless specified exclusively.

Payment processing, reporting usage and invoice notification are possible…

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